Hey, its Dan here…

Several years ago I went through a really painful break up. I remember spending entire nights thinking about my ex … And on top of that I felt pretty stupid for being so hung up, even months after things had ended. Fortunately I meet a guy who was a bit more experienced in this area than I was who guided me through the whole process of getting over an ex.

I had a pretty profound realization during that dark time in my life.

It wasn’t just me.

Most women who have any significant experience with men have gone through that one break up that shook them to their core. That one break up that was profoundly more painful than anything else they have every been through.

While most people don’t admit it or talk about it… They have been there.

So I spent the last few years studying this area of life for men and women. And one of the most interesting things I realized is that it is how you handle those first few days and weeks right after a painful break up that can make all the difference between spending months or years hung up on your ex boyfriend…

Or getting over him in just a matter of weeks.

I put together a method to help guys deal with that painful time right after break up. Everything from how to handle those last interactions (the complicated and awkward ones…) to step by step ways of setting up your life so that you aren’t constantly thinking about him…

Over time I tested and refined my material by working one on one with women to see what worked and what didn’t. After hundreds of case studies, thousands of surveys I was left with just the refined material that got result the fastest.

Recently I put that together in a downloadable ebook and audio program called Over Him Overnight.

You can check it out here.

Dan Dennick