One of the things about getting dumped is that when it happens a second time around with the same girl, it can be more than just a bit heart-wrenching. When she tells you that she doesn’t want to see you anymore over the phone, it can be twice as bad, and when you’ve just spent a college binge weekend experimenting with controlled substances her news can throw a monkey wrench straight through the carefully laid out scientific blueprints floating around your cranium.

What really helped me get over my ex was not the fact that I was totally too wrecked to comprehend what was going on. While intoxication did take a large portion of the sting (and my potential to react to it) out of the equation…

Tamiqua, (which is not her real name) and I had dated for longer than I was able to readily erase from my memory banks. For a long term solution, I had no choice but to take the hard road to surviving a break up, and for those of you out there in similar situations, I’m afraid your fate is similar.

When you’ve developed feelings for another human being, and cultivated your reaction to those feelings through habitual association and intimate contact with them, the only way to let them go is to wait it out. Once destiny separated Tamiqua and I, the inevitable progression of time, which I spent tackling the hefty goal of chatting up every woman at my university, made us eventually forget those deep associations. Emotions, positive or negative, build with experiences, and moods often attract similar dispositions.

If you’re having trouble getting over her, it’s not because she was that important to you, but rather because if you’re not actively trying by thinking about someone(s) else, then you’re not trying correctly. That may sound harsh, but what you should aim for in all aspects and stages of relationship development/destruction is similar to the old maxim “work smarter, not harder.” if you constantly need to do hard work to maintain your communication at a comfortable level, it usually means the relationship isn’t that much fun anymore, so let your attention wander, just be honest with yourself about it. When your direction splits from hers, take it as a blessing, as Tamiqua went on to birth beautiful babies with the next cat she met.

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