Breaking up is hard to do. Well, Neil Sedaka doesn’t have anything on this painful relationship break up. It was a rainy day, and I was feeling somewhat melancholy. I had just spoken to her on my cell. We were going to meet at our favorite park and I had no idea she was planning on ending the relationship. Looking back, of course it was the perfect place. Not exactly public, however, certainly not a place I would want to break down, drop to my knees and cry like a little girl. She would know this, as I am sort of emotional. Nevertheless, I was taken aback when the relationship ending words came out of her pretty, plump, glossed lips. Yes, it was the inevitable, “We can still be friends.” Ugh.

What does THAT mean? I don’t want to be friends, I want to stay the way we are…. engaged to be married! Now, all that was going through my mind were thank goodnesses. Thank goodness we didn’t set a date, thank goodness we don’t have to call and cancel reservations, thank goodness we don’t have to return any gifts, and then it struck me. THE RING! Where was it? It certainly was not on her long, slender finger with her nails manicured ever so perfectly. When ending the relationship doesn’t she have to give it back? Do I ask her for it? Wait a minute, I don’t want this relationship break up! Get a hold of myself. Okay.

Why exactly was this relationship ending? She proceeded to explain. “It’s not you, it’s all me”. Hmmm, well that’s a relief. “I have decided I do not want to get married just yet.” Just yet, I didn’t realize there was a time frame here. Tomorrow follows today, next year follows this year, what comes after just yet? I can wait. Why is she breaking up with me?

My silent contemplating look must have bothered her. With a deep breath she blurted out every possible reason she had for this separation. Apparently I am a self centered, lazy, slob in her eyes. I don’t like any of her friends and she doesn’t love me. WHAT? As she turned to walk away, I knew there was nothing I could do or change. I couldn’t bring myself to ask her about the ring, but the poetic justice of it all was seeing her car being towed away and wondering if she was going to ask me for a ride home.

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