couple in a tunnelGoing From Girlfriend To Ex Girlfriend

Once upon a time, there was a perfect relationship, with the perfect girl and a good looking guy. They had the perfect apartment, albeit mediocre jobs. Then one day, she came up with the perfect excuse to breakup – “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Getting over an ex is never easy, and the days immediately following those infamous words were filled with pain, longing, regret, wonder…Longing to hold her, a longing to tell her that I loved her, if only just one more time.

Regretful for all those things in that past that I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t say.

Wondering what it was I did or did not do to make my ex girlfriend leave.It eventually came to the point where I couldn’t eat or sleep, and all I thought about was how to get her back. It made me almost physically sick when someone mentioned her name, to the point where I couldn’t stand be around our friends because all it did was serve as a constant reminder of the past.

I realized, of course, that getting over my ex girlfriend would not be easy if all I thought about was how to get her back, which was all I wanted at the time, but was proving to be very detrimental to my health – it had been only a month since and I had already lost 20 lbs and was getting increasingly darker bags under my eyes. So, I resolved to stop obsessing over the breakup so much, and go to the bar with the guys once in a while and just kick back.

I needed to get back in the world to distract my mind from my ex girlfriend.

This was proving to be no easy task – we used to do everything together, so naturally it would all remind me of her, making my attempts at getting over her all the more difficult. No, what I needed was a new hobby, and after two months of misery I finally found the one thing that provided a release – writing. Writing poetry, short stories, articles, which is why you’re reading this particular tidbit.

So I finally found an escape from the pain, however fleeting, and this helped me to slowly get over her. I slowly began to think of her less and was able to focus on life more, to where I was finally ready to start dating again. In a way, all this time later, I’m glad that it never worked out between me and Ms. Perfect, because I would never have the most amazing wife if it had. The most important thing to remember in getting over an ex is that there is a reason that certain people don’t make it to your future.