Everything Seemed Perfect!

One minute she’s your loving girlfriend… the next minute she’s gone.

You can’t believe it!

Not, only that but she leaves you with such a shitty explanation for what happened. You feel lied to. You wonder what she’s hiding. Your mind goes bezerk as you search for clues and a decent explanation.

The Shock

The shock and disbelief during a breakup that feels like it happened overnight can feel overwhelming. It can be especially painful if you feel like everything was okay between the two of you. It’s possible you’re blaming your girlfriend, wondering why she didn’t talk to you, why she didn’t come to you if something was SO wrong!

The problem is that she won’t talk to you. Or maybe she’s leaving conversational bread crumbs at this point, but she’s being so cold when you try to figure out what actually happened. This loving girlfriend is now being a total Ice Queen.

“How Could I Not See This?”

You wonder how you could’ve missed something so big, as your brain starts to replay the last conversations, meetings, text messages with her.

All the while, you are still trying to get some information out of her, try to hold onto what the two of you had, but it seems the harder you try the further she pushes you away. It feels like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be working.

What She’s Not Telling You

If your girlfriend broke up with you “out of the blue” and she won’t give you any answers, then there’s something that you’re missing. You’re looking for clues in the wrong places.

I’ll give you a hint. The “real reason” she broke up with you is not in her words… so if it feels like everything she’s saying is contradicting itself and you’re seeing right through her story, that’s because she’s trying to cover up the truth.

My friend Dan is the the “Chick Whisperer”. He knows women better than they know themselves(trust me I know, I’m one of them, and it’s kind of scary). He says one of the main reasons has to do with “attraction”. That means her attraction to you… Weird, I know.

You may even have felt it. Her waning attraction for you in the recent days or weeks. One some level she’s being “icy” but is it possible that the attraction is gone?

Check out Dans video and find out how to get the attraction back.