“I’m Still Trying To Get Over Her…”

Although I have dated occasionally in the past, I was never involved in a serious relationship until my early thirties. Those five months with a beautiful, sophisticated woman were the best months of my life. I was able to experience love, tenderness and a new outlook on life. I never knew I could be so happy. I used to be the type of guy that would have a permanent scowl on his face and keep to myself all the time. But with her, I felt joy and couldn’t stop smiling. Why she chose me to be her man, I will never know. Unfortunately, she soon realized she could do much better than me and kicked me to the curb.

guy looking at cell phone

I will always remember the day when she texted me, letting me know she didn’t feel the same way about me anymore and realized she wants to be with a man with a better future than myself. You see, she is a college graduate with a good career and lots of intelligence. I, on the other hand, drive trucks for a living. I sat there, looking at my phone in complete disbelief. How could anyone be so careless as to break up over a text message? My heart was officially broken

I didn’t think I could go on living after my girlfriend left me. It’s like I had everything I ever wanted in a girlfriend when we were together. Not only was she incredibly gorgeous, but she also inspired me to be a better man. When I think of the good times we have together, my heart feels like it’s going to burst at the seams. The pain is unbearable and cannot imagine how life can be sunny once again., as was my phone as I threw it across the room.

I heard only time heals wounds of the heart and I hope this is so, because everything I’ve done to try and get over her hasn’t worked. I miss the way she cuddled with me when she wanted comfort or the soft kisses she gave me that were so amazing. I miss going on dates with her and the world seeing I was with a beautiful woman. Life will never be the same as those few months, but I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given and pray that God will grant me just one more opportunity to find love.

Richard M – 32, Truck Driver