She didn’t return your last few phone calls, or the wall post on Facebook.

She didn’t acknowledge the flowers or gifts you sent her…

She didn’t even respond to the long articulate email that you put so much thought into.

If you’ve tried various things to re-establish contact, or win her affections back and they haven’t worked, it can tempting to KEEP trying.

There is always that lure to try one more time.

As guys, we often will keep trying for something if we really want it.

Going after what we want is part of being a man, and in most areas of our lives this is a good thing.

But unfortunately in this case, this can really backfire…

Guys will often resort to do more of what they have tried in hopes that it will work.

Don't be that guy
Dont be that guy…

Instead of a dozen roses, it turns to a dozen dozen roses. Instead of one text message it becomes 20 text messages…

Instead of calling it becomes dropping by her place or her work.

While many guys see these as genuine attempts to show how much they care, it’s easy to forget how most girls will interpret these…

As acts of desperation.

Here is an important reality to keep in mind that most people don’t talk about.

Her definition of “Guy who is being romantic.” and “This guy might start stalking me…” may be VERY different from yours.

Her idea of where you cross the line into “creepy” territory may be much further up than you think.

But this is the most important thing to remember.

Once you have crossed it in HER mind, even if it’s unfair, there is NO going back.

That’s why if you have any intention of having any kind of future friendship with this girl, doing LESS is a far better strategy than do more.

Because once you get put into that category, not only are the chances of her getting back together with you shot to hell… The chances of you ever having a friendship with her in the future will be pretty much nonexsistant too.

And even if she does remember you fondly in some ways, her friends and family will probably be quick to remind her how things got a little wierd there at the end.

Part of it is that people often remember entire relationships by how things are handled at the end.

Remember some of your previous girlfriends and think about how the context of the whole relationship changed by how the break up was actually handled.

So as tempting as it is to try that one more thing that might make her change her mind, quit while you are ahead.

This may not only save you a lot of embarresment and regret, but it will give the two of you some space so you can potentially rebuild a friendship in the future.